Video Tour of Zutron Medical

Drone tour of our facilites located in Lenexa, KS.



RTU Foamer 3.5

Zutron Medical’s RTU Foamer 3.5 uses our RTU Multi-Enzymatic Foaming Cleanser to create a thick foam that quickly covers soiled instruments and removes bioburden. Watch the video below to see just how effective Zutron’s RTU products are in the cleaning and decontamination process.



Automatic Endoscope Leak Tester

Zutron Medical’s Automatic Endoscope Leak Tester is used in GI labs to effectively detect even the smallest leaks in a scope. This not only prevents cross contamination, but also helps prevent expensive scope repairs. Watch the video below to see our Automatic Leak tester in use.



Endoscope Stiffening System

Zutron Medical’s Endoscope Stiffening System consists of the Colonoscope Stiffening Device and Enteroscope Stiffening Device. Our reusable, long-lasting devices prevent repositioning of the patient while also reducing procedure time. Watch the video below for a quick introduction to our Colonoscope Stiffening Device.



RTU Multi-Enzymatic Foaming Cleanser

Zutron Medical’s RTU Multi-Enzymatic Foaming Cleanser is the answer to cleaning dirty surgical instruments. Watch the video below to see a time lapse of our solution in action.